“Hello Dave,

Thank you is the very least we can say for your prompt attention to my email the other day. I am lost for words and in awe for what you’ve done. You don’t only “verbally” state that you care about our family, but your actions have proven that you truly care. We’ve written this review below to add to your “testimonial” section on your website, but I couldn’t figure out how to add it. I thought to forward it to you and see if someone from your team can help. Because the world needs to know how wonderful you are!

David Jensen and his team are the best! This review is way overdue. We purchased our first home from JT Roth four years ago. Over the years we’ve contacted David and his team a number of times. He’s been really helpful in answering our questions. At times, instead of responding to our email, he has shown up the next morning at the front door at 7am. He has earned our business for life. Because of our wonderful experience, we’ve referred multiple family members and friends to buy their home from this builder. No words can express how wonderful David is! He always says “I want what’s best for your family!” After you meet and work with this team for the first time, then you become family for life”