Your satisfaction is important to us

We are proud of the homes we build and the neighborhoods in which we build. We strive to create long-lasting value. This cannot be achieved unless you, as the homeowner, properly maintain your home and all of its components. Periodic maintenance is necessary because of normal wear and tear, the inherent characteristics of the materials used in your home, and normal service required by the mechanical systems. Natural fluctuations in temperature and humidity also affect your home.

Many times a minor adjustment or repair done immediately saves a more serious, time-consuming, and sometimes costly repair later. Note also that neglect of routine maintenance can void applicable limited warranty coverage on all or part of your home. By caring for your new home attentively, you ensure your enjoyment of it for years. The attention provided by each homeowner contributes significantly to the overall desirability of the community.

We recognize that it is impossible to anticipate and describe every attention needed for good home care, but we have covered many important details. The subjects covered include components of homes we build, listed in alphabetical order in your New Home Construction Standards. Each topic includes suggestions for use and maintenance followed by J.T. Roth Construction, Inc.’s New Home Limited Warranty Guidelines*. * This manual may discuss some components that are not present in your home.

Please take time to read the literature provided by the manufacturers of consumer products and other items in your home. The information contained in that material is not repeated here. Although much of the information may be familiar to you, some points may differ significantly from homes you have had in the past.

During the one-year warranty period there may be some questions or repair issues that come up, many of these questions can be answered by referring to your New Home Construction Standards provided to you during the sales process or during your Walk-Thru. If the issue cannot be resolved by consulting your handbook; please contact the appropriate subcontractor. For this information, please refer to the Warranty Contacts Sheet which identifies the name & phone number of the trade contractors who assisted in building your home. In the event that a trade contractor you have contacted does not respond in a timely manner or cannot be reached, please fill out the Warranty Service Request form and mail, email or fax to our office, and we will be happy to assist you. All of these forms can be located in your Walk-Thru packet. Please note that text messages are not an accepted method of contact.

We have found it easier for all parties concerned that warranty issues be addressed as they arise and not toward the end of your warranty period, the exception being the One-Year Sheetrock Repair. Please mail, email or fax all requests to us in additional to contacting trades directly so that we have a record of them and can follow up to ensure completion. Although J.T. Roth does not perform a one year walk thru, we are available to you should any issues arise.